Faculty of Administration

Faculty of Administrative Sciences

Dr. Kamel Shouli

The Dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences

Since 1998, the founders of IU have worked on blending military training and the academic qualification within the highest standards of quality and excellence. Therefore, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences has been established to fulfill the University’s mission and vision in accordance with the decree of the president of Palestine issued on 18/1/2011 concerning turning the Academy into Al-Istiqlal University.

The Faculty includes three departments as the following:

1. Department of General Administration and Military Sciences.

2. Department of Management Information Sytems

3. The Department of Diplomatic and International Relations (under construction)

Constructing specialized departments is the only route to success and excellence at the developed and technical era which are difficult to cope with without deep knowledge in subjects of positive outcomes in all aspects of life. To keep up with increasing demand on the specialized cadets in Administrative Sciences and the clear progress in information technology, the faculty was keen to bring in academic and military professionals as a team work to achieve our academic and military activities which are managed through values of creativity, innovation, critical thinking and adjustment with continuous changes to achieve the highest academic and military levels in accordance to our cultural heritage. At the same time, the staff of the faculty works hard to guarantee that the future graduates achieved their ambition and see free Palestine.




The Faculty’s vision involves leadership and excellence in integrating the scientific knowledge in the fields of administrative and military sciences, scientific research and community service.


The mission of the College stems from the great national role played by the Palestinian leadership and its guidance in graduating professional and efficient officers and qualifying personnel working in security, military and police establishments to maintain the law and to provide qualitative services to the Palestinian people, as well as to preserve its national capabilities and achievements in building the independent State of Palestine.


The objectives of the College are consistent with the vision and mission of the College. The main objectives are:

• Achieving consistency between college policies, academic plans and national academic policies.

• Supporting scientific research, adopting effective teaching methods and serving the local community.

• Implementing the strategic plan of the college stemming from the university’s plan in graduating qualified officers with the knowledge, high skills and tools that enable them to perform their tasks to serve citizens, implement and maintain the law.

• Introducing the Faculty, spreading its national mission and noble goals of serving the national institutions nationally and internationally.

• Ensuring the effectiveness of the Faculty’s members, the activities of students, excellence in performance and belonging to their homeland and their people.

• Following up the academic program of the Faculty, the process of adopting it, and its renewal to achieve qualitative outputs.

• Bringing in competent and professional faculty members from various universities.

• Paying attention to the students, guiding and managing their academic files.

• Effective management of all financial resources allocated to the College.

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